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Executive communication coaching

Every day is an opportunity to be curious, learn and grow. Each of us are different and are inspired in different ways. Book a time with me to discuss how I can best support you and your team through coaching and mentoring. 

Effective communication is one of the most powerful leadership skills. 

I use a combination of coaching and mentoring techniques to help you grow your interpersonal and strategic communication skills. 


Why should you contact me?

  • I am a public speaker, published author, podcaster, and industry thought leader. I know what it's like to stand on stage.

  • My brand and marketing experience is helpful for your personal brand and leadership positioning development.

  • I know how to communicate different business topics and I keep abreast of trends and new research.

  • My previous and current clients include CEOs, Head of HR, Head of Marketing, Chief Information Security Officer, Chief Technology Officers and Chief Financial Officers from both start ups, government and large international companies. 

  • I also mentor communication professionals and bring a variety of perspectives to our discussions.

  • If I'm not the right person for you, I will connect you with other trusted professionals in my network to find the right fit.

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