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Published books require a robustness of thought, research and longevity. I'm proud to celebrate authors who have contributed to our body of knowledge in the leadership and communication space. See below for special discounts.

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Internal Communication in the Age of
Artificial Intelligence

Published by Business Expert Press at the end of May 2024, this is the perfect book for leaders and communicators wanting to harness the power of communicating at scale for business success in today's world. 


Internal Communication Strategy

Rachel Miller is a UK based expert and I am thrilled to have been quoted in her book. You can get a 20% discount through the Kogan Page website.


Leading the Listening Organisation

Mike, Kevin and Howard have conducted years of research. I was thrilled to feature them in my book. You can order a copy of Leading the Listening Organisation through Routledge. Get a 20% discount by using the code: LTLO20.

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Engage with Impact

Nicholas Bruneau's book shares 5 steps to transform your digital communications for social impact. I had the privilege of reviewing it. Find out more on Engage with Impact.

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Employee EX by Design

Belinda Ganaway is a brilliant culture and EX strategist. I interviewed her for my book. Use AHR20 for 20% off at checkout when you buy on Kogan Page.

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Leading Lines

Lucinda Holdforth's book inspired me to write my own. Beautifully written, insightful and entertaining. I LOVE this book. Go to Amazon to purchase. You can also get it at great libraries.

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AI in PR and Comms

Artificial Intelligence in Public Relations and Communications: Cases, Reflections, and Predictions, edited by Ana ADI and published by Quadriga University. Pleased to have contributed  a chapter. Download the free ebook.

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Never Split the Difference

Chris Voss' book has a lovely personal, chatty style which helped me feel good about letting my personality shine in my writing. You can buy it on Amazon.


Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us

I'm a huge fan of Seth Godin. Just google for his array of books.

Read more. Think more. Enjoy more.

I'm looking forward to hearing your book recommendations. Connect with me to keep up to date on new industry books, offers and other opportunities.

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