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The first internal communication business book to help leaders communicate effectively at scale with their people.


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Transformational leaders need to be exceptional communicators

Bombarded by new technology and unsure where artificial intelligence will take us? Asking yourself how this will impact communication at scale in your organization? How can you best harness this power for business success?

Companies and projects are at risk. Effective strategic internal communication will attract, engage, align, and retain your people to weather this storm of change.

But how can you tell if your strategy will succeed? What questions should you ask?


Internal Communication in the Age of Artificial Intelligence reveals a modern, multilayered approach to internal communication. It’s a practical guide for business leaders and communicators, filled with global case studies, behind-the-scenes insights, and stories from industry experts. You’ll learn what basics must be done brilliantly, how to engage with communities, and why a new immersive communication mindset is needed to prepare you for the future.

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An essential, timely and thought-provoking read

We need to reimagine a more human-centered and sustainable way of conducting business. One that combines the advantages of emerging technology with the uniquely human strengths that we can all bring to the table.  Internal Communication in the Age of Artificial Intelligence shows how, despite new technology and new ways of working, building relationships, communicating effectively and promoting strong, purpose-driven leadership is what matters, and will continue to matter. Monique's engaging way of looking at internal communication and her multilayered model gives us a pathway to a more human-centric future and positions organizational communication as one of the essential tools to navigate the complexity and disruption to come. An, essential thought-provoking read

—Aaron McEwan, VP, Research & Advisory, Gartner, Newcastle, Australia. 


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