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About me

Passionate about strategic internal communication

To be successful in our world of change, great communication with people in your organisation is essential for getting the right things done. It is the people who make the difference. It is the people who motivate me to support leaders and communicators to be at their best.


My story

Leading, coaching and mentoring others inspires me to be better at my job. My eyes light up when I can present at a conference and share what I’ve learnt over the past decades in marketing and communications. My ideal day is one where I can be a spar partner for a senior leader, work on challenging problems, ask difficult questions, and also motivate others to do their best.

My passion is internal communication because I truly believe that people are what makes a company great. When things go wrong, it is often the communication that is at fault.

Born in Adelaide, Australia, I originally trained as a physiotherapist. My Bachelor of Physiotherapy was very scientific. But, it was when I started treating clients that I realised the importance of motivation and persuasion for getting results. This fascinated me and I pivoted my career, completing a Postgraduate Diploma and later a Masters in Communication (PR) at RMIT University, Melbourne. I did my internship in Washington DC with a boutique public relations company.

Since then, I’ve worked in-house with healthcare, banking, broadcasting, mobile marketing and engineering companies. I’ve also worked in Australian state and federal government departments and for a global internal communication consultancy. The smallest company had three people, the largest 600,000!


I have supported change and projects across every business area, from procurement and tax law to culture, business strategy, and information technology. I have managed teams and advised senior leaders. My campaigns have won awards.

I've had the privilege of guest lecturing at a number of universities including Leeds Business School, American University in Cairo, RMIT University Vietnam, and also RMIT University Melbourne.

I’m now based in Berlin and interested in technology, leadership, communication and what the future will bring. Thanks for connecting.

Great people and agencies I work with

I partner with a number of trusted, experienced professionals on large and global projects.

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